Escapade to India - Nepal Nov. 2010

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The home of Gandhi, where we also visited his gardens and the place where he was assassinated.
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Elephants preparing to take visitors to the top of the Amber fort in Jaipur India
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2 Indian women celebrated the Hindi New Year of Diwali


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Some of our passengers as they ride the elephants up the path to the top of the Amber Fort


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Upon reaching the top of the Fortress, its time to soak all the atmosphere in and gaze around.


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A view of the bell towers of the fortress and …Good Boy, Big Fella.
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An Indian messenger heralds good news


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Let’s ride up for a closer look at the triple spires on the fort.


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Our singles pause for a group photo


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Hey the view is nice up here.  Some of our singles take a break from great photos to have their own photo taken atop the fort.


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Who’s that behind those shades?  Bridget and Amelia.  Enjoying the atmosphere at the top of the Fort.


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Monkey and baby at Rhanthambhore National park, India


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Absolutely precious – Monkey and Child again – Rhanthambhore National Park, India
(its not just a tiger safari here,  The Monkey viewing is astounding)

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A real life snake charmer on the street


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An optional Group outing to celebrate the festival of Diwali with a local family


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Monkey see Monkey do – Rhanthambhore National Park, India


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Aw Shucks – You want to get a photo of Me?  Rhanthambhore National Park

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We’re not only looking at the Animals – Rhanthambhore National park, India


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Sunset over the Forest – Rhanthambhore National Park, India


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Riding in the open air jeeps on the safari drives in Rhanthambhore National Park

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It’s the most perfectly symmetrical building in the world – AND THE GREATEST TESTAMENT OF ONE MAN’S LOVE FOR HIS WIFE - THE TAJ MAHAL

Description: E:\Pictures\P1011369.jpg
Our group looks mighty fine in front of one of the world’s most beautiful buildings


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Their SACRED in India, but I wonder if this guy knows exactly where he is?

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A monkey watching over Kathmandu


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Two Nepalese Monks
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The expressions are priceless; pensive and pained


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Durbur Square:  Temples plus Cows and Pigeons
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A Nepalese man proud of his country’s flag

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Prayer rituals in Kathmandu Nepal


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Some of our singles atop one of the largest Stupa shrines in Kathmandu Nepal


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2 singles enjoying brews over Durbur square in Nepal


Description: E:\Pictures\P1010857.jpg
Sunrise over Kathmandu, Nepal


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Mount Everest with the clouds below, as seen from our flight - seeing excursion


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The gorgeous Himalayan Mountains of Nepal


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At the start of the optional guided hiking excursion in Nepal


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Celebrating at the end of our optional hike in the Himalayas


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A shrine at the top of the trail

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