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Our story began humbly in 1994 as a traditional travel agency that organized group tours for organizations big and small.  Then in 1996 we launched the service catering tours to the single traveler to enable single travelers to avoid the dreaded requirement of paying a single supplement when travelling alone.  That first year of tours offered trips to Greece and to Hawaii.   Since then we have taken passengers to over 90 countries, spanning all 7 continents and today we offer 10 to 15 trips each year... but we still offer the personalized attention to each passengers' needs on every trip.

What will you find travelling with FUN!!!  On our trips, you'll experience fun in many ways, whether it be dining over Italian music with new found friends overlooking the Amalfi coast, ziplining with other singles in the Costa Rican rainforest, taking in a laser show at the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris, or just walking along the historic Great Wall of China.

You'll also find great camaraderie when travelling with From taking a professionally guided tour with your new found friends, to dining together on gourmet cuisines, or dancing the night away with a new dance partner, you'll make friendships to last a lifetime, and just maybe even find a little romance in the air.

Most of our passengers ages range from their 30's through their 50's, yet we do get some in their 60’s as well and anyone over the age of 25 is welcome to travel with us, so whether you are 25, 45, 65 or anywhere in between or beyond, you will enjoy the camaraderie, safety and fun of travelling with a group of singles that enable you to enjoy seeing the amazing sites, cultures and beauty of the world with great new friends and travel companions. The friendships you make on an trip will be wonderful and the great memories will last a lifetime.

Best of all, single travelers are never forced to pay the dreaded "single supplement", because with, we always provide skilled roommate matching services at no extra cost to anyone wishing to save the cost of paying for your own room. (roommates are matched on the basis of age, gender and smoking preference - smoking or non).

So surf through our website and choose your paradise. Whether it be a trip to the grand cities in Europe, the ancient cultures in Asia, a safari in Africa, an adventure in Central or South America, or a close to home escape in the good ol USA.

But don't hesitate long -- all trips have maximum capacities and will fill up fast. You are going to love our prices, and our fun!

Only a small deposit is required to secure your space, and deposits are always refundable if you need to cancel approx. 90 days or more prior to your trip date.

Once again, to our valued repeat guests, welcome back, and to our newcomers, you're in for a treat, one that will have you swearing off traditional vacations forever and singing our slogan "I had the time of my life!"

We look forward to seeing you all on one of our upcoming trips.


Meet Our Superior Tour Managers, Guides and Trip Escorts

When you travel with you are travelling with the best guidance in the industry. Our local guides in each country or region visited are the most knowledgeable guidance professionals, eager to share their country and their culture with you on daily tours showing you the best of the country or region being visited and ready to answer your questions about the history of each attraction on your tours.

But we don’t stop there.

When you travel with you travel with the confidence of the best guidance in the industry.

In addition to providing you with the best local guides, provides what we call Dedicated Local Tour Managers. 

Your Tour Manager is a local professional, in the country you are visiting, that is with your group over the duration of your tour.  Your Tour Manager is dedicated to just your group and to making sure that the needs of your group are accommodated each day.  Your Tour Manager travels from city to city with your group and in most cases even stays at the same hotels as the group.  If you have a specific interest or need, day or night, your local Tour Manager is there to help you find a way to meet that need.

Your tour manager always provides his or her own cell phone contact so you never have to worry that you must wait until “office hours” to have your question addressed.

It may be a desire to see an opera, or to attend a bullfight or rodeo, or maybe to take a side excursion on a free day in the trip itinerary

You may have a need that arises out of necessity such as your passport gets stolen and you need to be taken to the US embassy to file for a replacement or to the police station to file a report, or, your luggage may have been lost by the airline and you need assistance in following up with the airline from your hotel to see it gets to you as quickly as possible, or you may just feel sick and want to visit a trusted local doctor.

Whatever your need, whether it be out of desire, necessity or just curiosity, your Tour Manager is there to serve you.

Some of our Dedicated Local Tour Managers have been with us for several years and know our groups’ interests, know the interests of solo travelers, the activities and sites that have been most popular on free days and evenings in past years and just simply care deeply about making your vacation special.


OUR DLTMs are local professionals with a tremendous network of local contacts in their country.  Their network of local contacts and local resources enable them to seamlessly accommodate most every need or request in a manner that allows you to simply enjoy your vacation experience.

People like Gustavo, our DLTM in Costa Rica.   Gustavo has been our Dedicated Local Tour Manager in Costa Rica since 2003.  He is the most caring person that will “scale the highest mountain” to serve your needs.  His resourcefulness to accommodate just about any request always amazes our clients year after year. Literally in the palm of his hand, is a network of contacts to assist our clients in whatever they need.


Our DLTMs are dedicated to you, not just to you for a three hour tour and then to another group, but only to you for the duration of your tour.  Their degree of caring is so evidenced by the attention to listening to your questions and needs.  Their attentiveness in many ways leaves you feeling you have not only had a tour manager, but have gained a friend.  (Many of our passengers swap email addresses with our Dedicated Local Tour Managers to stay in touch.

Over 16 years of running singlestravel, I have personally seen our passengers bond to Perry in India ( short for his much longer Indian name), Mohamed in Morocco and Gustavo In Costa Rica

One passenger even sent a framed photograph of her, 2 other clients on her tour and Gustavo, standing in front of a waterfall in Costa Rica, to our office with a request it be handed to him personally on our next annual visit, as a personal thank you for his genuine kindness.


Of course we don’t stop there.  On every one of our trips, we send an allsinglestravel representative to escort your journey.  Your allsinglestravel trip escort is with you from the moment you leave the US until the moment you come back.  

Their primary duty is to escort our passengers from the US and into the welcoming hands of our Dedicated Local Tour Manager who will warmly welcome you into their country.

Your trip escort stays with you in each hotel on the itinerary and is on each daily tour with you as a 3rd point of contact, in the event your Dedicated Local Tour Manager or local guide (where one is assisting) are not in immediate proximity to you to answer a question about an upcoming activity or event in your tour.

Most of the time, your trip escort will stay in the background, blending in and interacting with the passengers on a daily basis as "just one of the passengers in the group", thus enabling your Dedicated Local Tour Manager (and any local guide where one is assisting) to fully take the stage and share the breadth of knowledge, history and experience they have, as well as the warmth and color of their local cultures, with each of you, on a daily basis. 

By the end of your tour, you will have not only seen the sights, but our DLTM has brought you into the fabric of his or her nation's culture to truly feel that you have experienced it yourself.



Travelling with a singles group is much different than with a run of the mill tour group that has families, couples and as we like to say “screaming kids”.  It’s one of the reasons our clients travel with us – to enjoy the fun and comaraderie of being with other singles. (of course saving lots of money by having a roommate assigned is another great reason why our clients choose us over traditional tours.)

Well our tour escorts know this better than anyone because they have been “in your shoes”. That is because every trip escort we hire must first travel as a passenger on a minimum of two of our tours.  This gives each of our trip escorts the knowledge of what solo travelers like to do, and how they interact.

By using their own personal experience as a passenger on our tours, our trip escorts can assist you from personal experience

Some of our passengers develop a great friendship with their trip escort and ask, when booking a trip to the destination they want to visit in the coming year, if they will have the pleasure of traveling with that escort again, on the tour they are booking .  Others simply keep in touch with a favorite trip escort via email and sign up for one of the tours that escort is leading in the coming year.

Escorts like John, a retired policeman from Long Island who has a wonderful knack for finding a fun restaurant with local flare and great food and then asking how many he should make a reservation for tonight and then leading those that attend the dinner outing, in lively conversation, laughter and just plain fun.
Or Chuck, a semi-retired real estate agent in Southern California who simply has the knack for finding local hotspots in places like Greece, where the nightlife is always lively and just simply building a bond of friendship with the passengers he escorts.

Our trip escorts, like John and Chuck, truly become not only ”friends and fabric” of our “company family”, they also become “friends and extended family” of many of the travelers they escort.

Ultimately, when you travel with you are traveling with confidence that you have the best in local guidance, tour management, assistance and friendship from someone who is just like you and understands the little things that make your travel experience all the more special and memorable.

With over 15 years of dedication to the needs of single travelers, we at look forward to welcoming you on one of “our family’s” journeys soon and to showing you the world from the warmth and friendship that makes your special home away from home.


Small Group Travel Guarantee

This is our guarantee that for all our tours your group travel size for that trip will be limited to 10-25 people.  This small group travel guarantee insures that you can have more personalized assistance from your local tour manager and a greater, close knit camaraderie within the group of travelers on your tour, so you can best develop those lasting bonds of friendship that small group travel fosters.  Many seasoned travelers crave the small group travel experience for these special opportunities to better get to know your local guide and your fellow travelers

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